Roadmap Strategy will work with you to improve your membership results and help you build your brand.  

Membership Roadmap


Our approach is to work with you to map out and implement your membership marketing journey.  Simplistically we take to develop your Membership Roadmap are: 

  • Understanding where you are now from talking to you and your team, we'll learn how you operate and conduct an external audit of industry and undertake a competitor analysis

  • We'll develop a membership strategy to clarify what we can influence, solve and how to keep it simple

  • Develop creative concept for your membership program

  • Develop an annual Activity Plan that includes all activation for the year

  • We can implement your your Annual Plan, you can implement it or we can share responsibility

  • Measure and monitor membership and marketing performance and continually refine your approach  


The key is always to help you achieve your goals and maximise the return on your investment. 

Other Membership Services


Other membership services offered to support your business include:


  • Membership acquisition strategy and campaigns

  • Membership retention strategy and campaigns

  • Member engagement strategy and execution

  • Membership audit to understand where you are now

  • Membership metrics to measure your performance

Roadmap Strategy


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